I moved to Minneapolis (temporarily) for grad school.

So, yeah, that's the dominant thing occupying my thoughts right now! I'm also working on some cool IF projects, trying to drag my fanfic back to life, reassuring a travel-traumatized dog, and so forth. I want to get back into climbing. Would try to get back into crochet, but I didn't pack any of my hooks or yarn along, so that's not likely.

But mostly: moved to Minneapolis. Incoming grad school. Gonna be very busy.
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Yay, Minneapolis! Yay grad school! Good luck with everything.
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Minneapolis has yarn shops! And trust me, you're going to need them. Not just for the mental health benefits of making a physical thing, but also because it's freaking cold in winter. Get a nice wool/alpaca blend and make yourself a hat quick!
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Mittens too! Wool socks make SUCH a difference, you have no idea. Silk sockliners (100% silk from Wintersilks are better than silk/nylon blends, but the quality has been dropping. I'm probably going to switch to LL Bean when my current collection wears out) and then 100% wool socks. Worsted weight socks are the best, and you can machine wash them cold/gentle as long as you hang them dry. Felting happens with temp changes, soap, friction--so as long as you only have 2 of the above, you'll be fine.
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