Well, I seem to be off Livejournal now, and no longer crossposting. Oh well. I mention my old Livejournal username here--fadethecat, which I left behind long ago but never bothered to pay to change there--for the help of anyone trying to google their way to my account here.*

Grad school is very difficult. I keep staring wistfully at fanfic I'd like to update, and then getting back to my Greek prose comp homework or what not. I'm lucky enough to not have much pagecount due at the end of this semester; I won't be so lucky next semester, and on top of that, next semester I'll be teaching Latin. So much to do! So little time!

Summer plans: working through the Greek reading list (the Iliad! some lyric poetry! Plato!), working on a research paper about Catullus's long poems (61-64, which is three wedding poems and a weird one), Persona 5, Fourth Street, my little sister's wedding.

There are a fair number of people on DW who I don't follow, and should, because I disliked having overlap between LJ and DW when I checked pages. So ping me if I followed you there and don't seem to be here, if you'd like. I'm too distracted with grad school right now to try to compile that list myself.

The journaling website is dead! Long live the journaling website!

(* Oh, and I changed the names on my Tumblr and AO3 accounts because it feels like I should make it that little bit harder for my future Latin students to accidentally run into my fanfic while trying to figure out how to email me on the weekend or something. But if you follow me over there, that shouldn't change anything. Send me a message if you need the names for those accounts.)
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