Back in Austin! I arrived to a glowingly scrubbed house (maids were hired for an afternoon), which is already reacquiring a layer of cruft as three cats, three humans, and a dog walk in and out through various doors, pet or otherwise. But still. It was very nice and the best thing to come home to after two days in the car. The cats are already back to their usual habits around the dog; Zabina will interact with him briefly, Peejee is eating his kibble, and George is hiding in Fuzzy's room. Cats. They have their habits.

I am out at Epoch, the good old coffee shop I love that sometimes has tolerable music and/or quiche, and requires showing up before noon to get a seat. Before 10am if you want an outlet and/or table. I have lots of writing to do. And research! And prepping for teaching Latin! It's going to be a busy summer.

I will not work myself into a rut, mind. Tonight I'll be watching Columbo (we finally got the box set), tomorrow we start on Sense8 Season 2 with friends, and soon my copy of Persona 5 will arrive, which should take the entire summer to play through properly. I'm slowly learning to pace myself, and I view this summer partly as practice for that. I need to learn to not only self-motivate, but to hit deadlines that are a long ways out, by working...well, enough in the time allowed. Not necessarily steadily, but in a way that gets things done on time without burnout or excessive sloth.

Right now I'm avoiding my writing deadlines by reading English Grammar for Students of Latin, which is a rather dry book that I love on principle. After the German Reading class where the prof kept having to explain to students what an adverb was...well, it's nice to have a text to point to, even if I'll still get these questions in class. Or so I am warned.

I'm really excited about teaching Latin. And terrified. And excited. I need to figure out how to do lecture prep! And what examples to use! And I need to work on my pronunciation, lots, so that I'm giving the long and short vowels the proper sounds, and putting my stress on the right places!

By the way, I blame Greek for teaching me to start all sentences with 'and'. Just saying.


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