Being sick does not make me more productive, and I do not particularly like it. Fortunately, the lurgy appears to be lifting! ...unfortunately, it now appears to be descending on the spouse in turn. We are a very wheezy household at the moment. Alas, alas, *cough cough cough* alas.

Poking away at Latin, both for the summer research project (Hello, Catullus!) and prepwork for teaching Latin (Hello, Oxford Latin Course!). Some of it is fun, some of it is tedious. Some of it would be more fun if I were not pausing to drink another bottle of water every twenty minutes.

I saw Wonder Woman and it was pretty darn good. I read Lightning in the Blood and it was good, though not as exciting as the novella before it. I dragged some books to Half Price Books, I played some Persona 5, I outlined the conversational trees for this chapter of Social Services of the Damned. The usual.

The cats are all fine. The dog is anxious. The city is too damn humid. The kitchen always needs cleaning. Summer continues.


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