Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World: A YA novel above Doreen Green in a brand new junior high, dealing with squirrel powers and toddlers in danger and grouchy new friends and mean girls and a supervillain and politics between tree & ground squirrels. Fast, funny, an absolute delight. Bought myself a copy after originally getting it from the library.

Ms. Marvel, volumes 1 & 2: I really like the protagonist, and while the story moves more slowly than the Squirrel Girl comics do, it's still a lot of fun. Thoughtful and silly and punchy in turns. I'm not thrilled by the art or most of the hook-ins in to the larger superhero universe, but definitely worth reading more in the series.

Ninefox Gambit: A book I've been sitting on for a while, because I knew I had to get some brains put together to read it. Weird, brutal, brilliant military scifi, having a conversation with a lot of the same things Ancillary Justice does, but from a different angle and in a very different setting. Suspect it will please fans of Warhammer 40k. Of which I am not one! But it was a twisty, exuberant, dark, compelling read, with the kind of prose I wish more books these days had. Bought the sequel immediately.

Various volumes of the Dragonbreath and Hamster Princess series: Entertaining as always.

Various volumes of the Laundry Files series: Lovecraftian mythos plus bureaucratic spy comedy. They vary wildly in tone--maybe skip Equoid unless you read horror regularly--but they're great reads, and manage to balance some absurd humor with pretty serious thoughts about acceptable losses and collateral damage when fighting secret wars. Makes me wish that Charlie Stross wrote for In Nomine.

The Magpie Lord + sequels: Secret(ish) magic in Regency or Victorian England, damned if I can recall which, with two prickly and proud men falling in love while dealing with curses and magical enemies and so forth. Good fun, occasionally dark, often adventuresome, be aware that the porn quotient gets higher as the trilogy goes on.
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Ancillary Justice is something I have attempted twice now and not managed to get through. I still haven't given up! Maybe I'll do that in the coming weeks when I have a ton of time to myself and am bored.

Magpie Lord sounds promising! I like secret magic.


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