What the heck does "cerbatana" mean anyway?

Darn insufficiently populated Spanish-English dictionary. I really ought to pick up a decent Spanish dictionary at this point; it'd probably do a more thorough job of explaining connotations for various words, and it'd also probably have more entries.
pómulos: cheekbones
pantano: swamp
voraz: voracious
sanguijuela: leech
descalza: barefoot
a raudales: in abundance
amparo: shelter
cal: quicklime
ron: rum

Words not in the dictionary:

callejuelas (alleys?)

End of chapter four! I have now ordered this book to have my own copy, since there's no way in hell I'm going to be finishing it before it's due back at the library, and I'd like to be able to underline words and make notes in the margins for convenience.
gesto: gesture, or facial expression
desprecio: disdain
descompuesta: broken down
choza: shack
tripulación: crew
botín: booty
Fun vocab:

llanto: crying
descalza: barefoot
escasa: scarce
hueso: bone
moler: crush
añicos: smithereens
aniquilar: to overwhelm
desangrarse: to bleed to death
puñetazo: a punch
farfullar: to jabber
mascullar: to mutter

Words my dictionary didn't have:

ablanzó (a verb, and an action one, but the nearest I can find is "ablandar" which makes no sense in context: pushed? charged?)
destripó (another action verb: shredded? tore?)
solía (seems to mean 'alone' or 'only' in context)

Chapter one finished!
Interesting words )

Words my dictionary didn't have:

bruces (as in "se cayó de bruces")
tarado (though from context it's clearly an insult)
cornisa (dictionary says "cornice" but that doesn't seem to make sense in context: waves crashing on the cornice in a park?)
pajarraco (a baby bird?)
canturreando ('cantando' would be singing, but this...is something else?)