My dog's name:
* Adverb

Things I actually call my dog in practice:
* Darling
* Sweetheart
* Kid
* Kiddo
* Dog
* Small Dog
* This Dog
* Dogkin
* Dogface
* Dogarooni
* Doggy-Dog
* Dog who Dogs like a Dog
* Pup
* Pup-Dog
* Puppy
* Pupperoni
* Pup-Tart
* Puppernickel
* Pup de Pup
* Goofball
* Little Mister Paranoid
* Communist Inspector
* Good Boy!
lizvogel: Run and find out, with cute kitten. (Run and Find Out)

From: [personal profile] lizvogel

It is sometimes amazing to me that pets know their names, given all the other things we call them. :-)

lizvogel: What is this work of which you speak? (Cat on briefcase.) (Work)

From: [personal profile] lizvogel

Probably easier to tell with cats, what with the standard casually-ignoring-you-oh-do-you-have-food? ;-)


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