I had four classes this semester. All the actual class meetings are done, and the last day of finals week is this coming Friday. Let's see how my completion rates are stacking up!

French Reading: Exam taken, exam passed, certificate signed by the department of French & Italian and then turned in to the CNES office to prove I had passed the second of my two modern language requirements. I can officially read French (with a dictionary)! Woo!

Greek Prose Composition: All assignments turned in. As of the final turn-in assignment, Pausanias was being a jerk, walking around in Persian clothes and hiring Egyptians as bodyguards, because he's a military victor and the Persian king is dealing with him.

Poetry of Praise (Latin & Greek): Final (and only) paper turned in; seminars tend to base the whole grade on a single paper, or just about. My argument: Catullus 61 uses direct address as a way of focusing its objects of praise, with the exception of the address to the concubine, who is used as a foil for the bride and groom to keep the praise given in the wedding poem from becoming excessive.

Late Antiquity (History): Final paper is in the "I have done all the research and outlined, now I just need to WRITE the darn thing" stage. My argument: St. Jerome's letters to women treat the slaves of nuns as a form of social presentation, whose nature inherently reflects on the character of the nun in question.

I've got until the 12th for that last paper, but I'd really like to get it done sooner. After all, I have game writing to do, Persona 5 to play, Pokemon to catch, Sense8 to watch, and my entire summer project on Catullus to get started on... Plus prepping for teaching Latin in the fall, whee!


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